(To clarify that again this year, this banner is referring the first page of the original Exiern, not Dark Reflections and just only that one page which was done by an artist who’s worked for Marvel for now, the artists who have made the subsequent story pages haven’t worked for Marvel at this time – as far as I know to date.)

Yet again, thanks to Sean Harrington of Spying With Lana for making both our entries for this year and welcome back to the Dark Side of Exiern!

Furthermore, over on this Dark Reflections version of Exiern, barbarian Typhan-Knee was struck by his own sword after a failed rescue attempt as seen here and his life was never the same again! But as it turned out, it wasn’t just altered the one way! See how it all began on that side here and then see just one of the ways it diverged from these life changing events regularly over on Chaos and another way over on Zen! Swords are after all, double-edged!

Exiern of course has its (almost) mirror image to this one here.

Past Valentine’s Day Sex Drive public facing images can be seen by clicking on the Archive tab at the top of the screen on Exiern and Exiern:Dark Reflections and the Not Safe for Work versions can be seen in the Top Webcomics Archive here.

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2020

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