Exiern v1.0

Now we’re back to colour … again.

Looks like I jumped the gun slightly (surely not!) by referencing on Page 67 about the one page which glossed over Tiffany and Peonie’s escape from Asylum? Turns out I should have read a bit further forward because here’s the original version of that actual page. This is actually one of those pages that was went across largely intact.

So I’m going to revise my statement by saying our current remade version actually just skipped over a lot of what happened the first time the story was made.

What does everyone think of this version of Exiern? I’ve been quite enjoying it quite a lot seeing the additional events and characters in it (I’ve only really been reading this comprehensively for the first time as I post it, just a few pages in front of everyone else). It’s also emphasised even further for me how as important as presentation is, at the end of the day how the story above everything else really makes the experience.

But I must also say that I think Drowemos is doing quite a good job with the art (especially driven home with my experience of trying to do the most basic of monochrome sketches on a tablet) and is definitely getting better at it the further along we get with these pages.

So all up, what does everyone think of this original version of Exiern?

The date for this page says it was the first part of three of a page published on the 22nd of March 2006.

Art and story by Drowemos.