A lot has happened since last year including stumbling across a colour version of last year’s new year’s day image in the Exiern archives. The black and white one I’d known about for a while but this was a much more recent and very welcome discovery I’ve saved for New Year’s Day 2022!

I’ve since spoken to Drowemos who did confirm that this is indeed Faden and Vandal after an unspecified incident. It wasn’t anything he’d written but something put together by Dazzler, the artist at the time just for fun I believe!

So it wasn’t a planned story plot point but in the tradition of this site being a place to preview potential future developments … we have to look at working this into the plot somewhere at some point, don’t we?

So we hope you enjoy this image, the colour version of which may not have been seen publicly for up to a decade and a half. We at Exiern all hope everyone has a good new year and watch this space!

(Along with all the other Dark Reflections and Exiern sites for future developments in the darker sides of the Exiern universe!)