Going  by the art style, this looks like it was illustrated by Dazzler, the very first Dark Reflections artist who did the cover and then the first ten pages. So that dates it to around 2007 or so.

Since it referenced a new year, given how how close we were to it already, we might as well have held it to this year’s New Year’s Day when we started running all these pages which is what we’ve done.

As for who these two are, it seems to be a reference to this page which would make the figure on the right Vandal and the figure on the left Faden (somehow – they’re looking just a bit different now as is known to happen on occasion in the worlds of Exiern!). Well, it’s the only thing we can find that references what’s going on here.

How this is supposed to have happened? Well, that’s another question we just don’t know the answer to and may just have to make up one day (lots of loose ends we’re tying off – though it’s not like this sort of thing doesn’t happen a lot in these worlds!). I guess we could ask the original creator, though he may not remember himself, even he couldn’t recall the answers to all our questions the last time we asked! (… almost five years ago!)

Anyway, we hope this year is better for you all than last year (like by a lot!) and we have one more image from the Dark Reflections archives which we’ll run tomorrow for a total of seven non-story pages made all those years back when the original pages were made.

Though somehow we got out of sync by eight pages. I wonder if that means we didn’t find one of them? … We guess if history is anything to go by, we’d better look just to be sure …