Something that didn’t quite work out as planned, going through all sorts of permutations and ending up with deciding upon more or less these images. However, I ended up thinking the previous week’s image as a solo portrait was a really good one as a standalone and then was going to follow them up with the close up portraits of each face for this week’s images on their own.

Then as this week approached, I did feel on reflection that I preferred this combined image that was originally intended to be the sole image used in the beginning instead. So, unintentionally there’s been some doubling up of the images created, especially since I’ve been also using the single face images as preview images over on Exiern as well.

Fortunately, all of these images by Brett Neufeld of the webcomic Marblegate is as always uniformly excellent so nothing lost there. Keep checking in to see more images set in the Dark Reflections universe in the weeks ahead!

As for what’s going on here in general, plans have been afoot for a while now to get a webcomic that posts weekly in the Dark Reflections universe for a while now and we’re on the verge of finally making that happen as of next year (if all goes to plan!).

In the interim, a number of artists have used their time and talent to help provide what you could call preview images of potential future events that we may one day encounter. Keep an eye out for updates that will be coming very soon!

For now, we hope you enjoy this series of images which potentially show the greatest threat to the future of any Exiern universe has ever faced, one where two prominent allies start reconsidering their positions. The fallout could end up having consequences that reach further than anyone could have predicted!