Tiffany on a mission that along the way takes her through the remains of a suicide death cult.

So, just another typical day in the Dark Reflections universe then.

Another open ended commission from Brett Neufeld and his take on Dark Reflections. In other words, he came up with everything you see here, we didn’t suggest or request anything and it was complete and welcome surprise for us too which we put up as soon as possible after we got it – within the hour in fact.

Yet again he’s come up with ideas we definitely are going to incorporate into Dark Reflections when it is up and running just as much as the main Exiern universe. I’m pleased to say that we’re making excellent headway in that department and that day is even closer now.

So, keep watching this space as we definitely have a lot of plans for Dark Reflections going forwards and it will be publicly available sooner every day now.

In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, you can check out Brett’s webcomic Marblegate right here.