Image by Brett Neufeld of the webcomic Marblegate.

So this is what all the images mostly Brett but also the others that have been posted here on Dark Reflections have been leading to this year. New Dark Reflections pages … and a whole new universe from next year!

Now I know we’ve promised this before but this time we weren’t ultimately foiled by circumstances at the time and we’ve actually managed to create new material.

The Dark Reflections pages that have been published through Patreon over the previous years will from next month will be published on a regular basis, starting with the oldest.

People on Patreon will still be ahead, new pages have been made and they will be released there from next month as we get advance publication up and running on Patreon again.

There’s ultimately more to it than this but in simple terms, the biggest change is the existing Dark Reflections continuation beyond what is accessible without Patreon here is now known as Dark Reflections: Zen (which may or may not be related to its writer of the same name with Ale continuing as its artist).

However, another version we’re calling Dark Reflections: Chaos is also appearing as of January 2020. What is it exactly? Well Exiern’s original profession artist (one time Studio Boom now Studio Katsumi) will be illustrating it and you’ll also be seeing that from next month as well.

It’s promising a wild ride, as per the name it might even be wilder than its counterpart. How there’s now two of them and whether they’re connected at all after branching off … well, that’ll be revealed one way or another soon enough, so please watch this space to find out what will be happening in their spaces when the time comes.

So thank you to Brett and everyone else who kept the pilot light on for Dark Reflections in general at least while we’ve been trying to get our house in order and keep watching out in January both over here and over at Exiern for details of what this new launch entails and where to find it.

After all those announcements hinting that something was happening, well it’s finally happening and we’ll hopefully see you very soon.

In practical terms, the good news is more pages of Exiern related material for everyone and it will all definitely start appearing in January 2020!